36 Days of Adrenaline: Day 6 — “I Want Candy”

Artist: Bow Wow Wow

Why this song is an adrenaline rush: Two words: tribal drums. Two more words: Annabella Lwin.

Lyric line that’s fun to belt at maximum volume:

Candy on the beach, there’s nothing better
But I like Candy when it’s wrapped in a sweater
Some day soon I’ll make you mine…
Then I’ll have Candy all the time!

Fun factoids:

  • Annabella Lwin was 14 when Bow Wow Wow recorded their version of the Strangeloves’ classic 1965 hit. Her mother was reportedly not amused that Annabella appeared nude (albeit artfully posed) on the cover of the single, and the accompanying EP, The Last of the Mohicans. The latter photo was based on Manet’s painting Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (The Luncheon on the Grass).
  • Percussionist Dave Barbarossa developed his signature sound by listening to tribal drummers from Burundi.
  • “I Want Candy” has also been covered by acts ranging from Aaron Carter to Sporty Spice (okay, Melanie C) to Good Charlotte.
  • The Strangeloves, incidentally, didn’t really exist. They were a studio creation, like the Archies.

Other songs by Bow Wow Wow that I could have chosen instead: “Louis Quatorze,” “Aphrodisiac,” “Do You Wanna Hold Me?”

[Late to the party? Here’s an explanation of 36 Days of Adrenaline.]

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