What’s Up With That? #79: WWDBD? (What would Debby Boone do?)

Here’s a story I would never have expected to read while quaffing my morning java.

Joseph Brooks, the Oscar- and Golden Globe Award-winning songwriter responsible for one of the most insidious earworms ever composed — the saccharine Debby Boone megahit “You Light Up My Life” — has been indicted in New York City for allegedly raping or otherwise sexually assaulting 11 women. Nine of the victims were led to Brooks by way of his Craigslist ad seeking female actors to audition.

I’m certain that the Debster would not approve.

Brooks, who also wrote and directed the film based on his ubiquitous song, directed a handful of other forgettable movies since that 1977 blockbuster — most notably 1985’s Invitation to the Wedding, starring John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson. He also produced and served as musical director for the cult classic Eddie and the Cruisers.

In the late ’80s, Brooks composed the music and co-wrote the lyrics for the musical Metropolis, based on Fritz Lang’s seminal 1927 science fiction film. Apparently the phrase “do the robot” meant something different to Brooks than it meant to Lang.

In light of this and other recent front-page news, one theme rings clear:

When Craigslist calls, do not answer.

At least, not in person, by yourself. Take along backup. There’s safety in numbers.

Maybe see if Debby Boone will go with you.

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One Comment on “What’s Up With That? #79: WWDBD? (What would Debby Boone do?)”

  1. Donna Says:

    I saw the film “YLUML” in a theater in Santa Rosa as a teenager. What a let down it was when I learned that Didi Conn lip synched the song. Boy was I naive!

    You didn’t mention Joseph Brook’s other songwriting efforts in the movie “If Ever I See You Again”. Perhaps it’s because it was a major flop in the theaters. Mr. Brooks also starred in that movie as a widower with two small children. He played the character of a commercial jingle writer/songwriter who never had closure over the relationship with a former college lover played by Shelley Hack. I was an incurable romantic at heart back then and the movie and music pulled at my heart strings.

    Uncle Swan, I’m betting that in addition to “YLUML”, you also didn’t see “IEISYA”! Debby Boone’s hit song was corny and oozing with love. Let it be known that it’s not on my play list.

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