Comic Art Friday: Virtual SwanCon

As even the folks at Google have taken note, San Diego Comic-Con — the world’s largest gathering of comics creators, fans, and related media — is in full swing this weekend.

Google SDCC logo 2009I’ve never been to SDCC — I already have a major out-of-town trip every July, thanks to the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Convention — but I would like to make the trek downstate one of these years. Since that first visit won’t be this year, however, I thought we’d have our own little virtual comic art convention right here at SSTOL. SwanCon, if you will.

We’ve leafed through the archives to select a handful of artworks we’ve acquired at Bay Area comic cons during the past several years. These aren’t necessarily the best of our con commissions, but they represent an interesting cross-section of the pieces we’ve picked up. (You can click on any of the images for a better view.)

WonderCon 2005: Vixen by Buzz

Vixen, pencils and inks by comics artist Buzz

WonderCon 2006: The Black Panther by Ron Lim (inks supplied post-Con by Bob Almond)

The Black Panther, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Bob Almond

WonderCon 2007: Supergirl by Aaron Lopresti

Supergirl, pencils and inks by comics artist Aaron Lopresti

WonderCon 2008: Mary Marvel by David Williams

Mary Marvel, mixed media art by comics artist David Williams

Super-Con 2006: Ms. Marvel by Buzz

Ms. Marvel, pencils and inks by comics artist Buzz

Super-Con 2007: Taarna by Alé Garza

Taarna, pencils and inks by comics artist Alejandro Garza

And’s that’s your Virtual SwanCon for 2009. If you happen to be reading this at SDCC, have fun. Oh… and bring me back something, will ya?

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