Comic Art Friday: Wonder Woman Day is Sunday!

In addition to October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — a fact of which you, friend reader, have already been made aware — this is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Which means that Sunday is Wonder Woman Day.

Wonder Woman, pencils and inks by comics artist Michael Bair

For the past three years, the last Sunday in October has been celebrated as Wonder Woman Day as a symbolic way of empowering women to free themselves from violent relationships. The cities of Portland, Oregon and Flemington, New Jersey officially designate Wonder Woman Day as an opportunity to support local women’s and family shelters, and to promote awareness of domestic violence as a social issue.

Thanks to the encouragement of the event’s organizer, comics and pop culture author Andy Mangels, dozens of comic book artists each year donate Wonder Woman art for a silent auction, the proceeds of which benefit shelters in the two sponsoring cities.

Wonder Woman, pencils by Al Rio, inks by Bob Almond

Each of today’s featured artworks traces its origins back to a previous Wonder Woman Day auction. I acquired the first piece shown above — a stunning portrait by Michael Bair — on Wonder Woman Day II in 2007. The second drawing was originally a preliminary sketch drawn by Al Rio for his Wonder Woman Day contribution that same year. I later commissioned inker extraordinaire Bob Almond to embellish Al’s pencils.

If you’d like to check out the art available in this year’s auctions, simply follow the Wonder Woman Day link.

And that’s your Comic Art Friday.

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