Comic Art Friday: Long cool woman in a black swimsuit

A while back, someone asked me how my comic art collection has evolved over the years. More than anything else, it’s a matter of focus. Today, I rarely buy a drawing that I didn’t commission personally from the artist, either for one of my two unique themes (Common Elements and Bombshells!) or for one of my dedicated character galleries.

When I first started collecting, I tended to glom onto any existing piece that I saw and liked, and could afford. My portfolios are littered with relics of those freewheeling days.

Like this one.

A girl and her gun, pencils and inks by comics artist Dan Adkins

This is the only artwork in my collection where I can’t even identify the subject.

Dan Adkins, a Silver Age veteran best known as an inker, drew this stylish pinup of a girl with a gun. I’ve no idea who the anonymous female is, or even whether Adkins intended for her to be some recognizable character. (I’ve seen a couple of similar Adkins images on the Internet, and I suspect that this was simply a pinup theme that he explored for a time.)

Something must have struck me about the piece that compelled me to buy it, but I don’t recall what it might have been.

It’s a nice drawing, though.

And that’s your Comic Art Friday.

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