Comic Art Friday: Bring the Storm

We’re getting one of our first real storms of the season here in northern California today. How apropos, then, that for this Comic Art Friday post, we look at a drawing featuring one of my favorite superheroines — the weather-manipulating mutant known as Storm.

Storm, preliminary pencil sketch by comics artist Craig Hamilton

This pencil sketch by artist Craig Hamilton was drawn as a preliminary study for a commissioned work. The finished art hangs in the gallery of collector Ted Lanting, a Storm fanatic like myself. You can follow the link to see how the piece turned out.

Craig Hamilton is one of those artists whose work doesn’t show up in comics as often as fans might wish. When he does find the time to take on a comics project, though, Hamilton always makes an impact. He’s probably best known for a memorable Aquaman miniseries he illustrated for DC in 1986. Since then, he’s made sporadic appearances in second-tier DC titles, including The Spectre and Starman, and in Vertigo’s stylish fantasy series Fables.

You can experience the broad range of Hamilton’s art by visiting his Comic Art Fans gallery. There’s also an excellent interview with Craig, mostly focused on the Aquaman mini he illustrated, online at The Aquaman Shrine.

And that’s your Comic Art Friday.

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