It’s getting Orange up in here!

Your San Francisco Giants are the 2010 National League Western Division Champions.

The San Francisco Giants are the 2010 National League West Champs!

This is all you know in life, and all you need to know.

Way to go, G-Men. Bring on the Braves!

Oh, and here’s a season-ending question for San Diego Padres starting pitcher Mat Latos

Who’s your mercenary now?

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One Comment on “It’s getting Orange up in here!”

  1. Donna Says:

    Congratulations to my favorite NL team! I saw the last three outs, courtesy of ESPN who so graciously swithced to a live feed from the game yesterday evening (or late afternoon, your time). Now it’s on to the NLDS. Go Giants! Uncle Swan, I know you must be on cloud nine. Think back two months to that ride to SFO when we listened to the Giant’s game against the Dodgers. It seems like eons ago!

    Now, on my side of the continent, the Red Sox beat the Yankees yesterday afternoon, thus preventing the arch nemesis from winning the AL East!

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