From the Get Over It Department, Supermodel Division

Here’s a little celebrity news item from the Sydney Daily Telegraph:

Supermodel Elle Macpherson has revealed she fears that she looks old compared to her young TV co-stars as she has not had plastic surgery.

The supermodel is anxious about appearing on the new CW show The Beautiful Life because she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

The 46-year-old added that she is shocked at how she looks compared to her younger co-stars, including Mischa Barton and Sara Paxton.

Macpherson said: “Sometimes I really see that I’m the one that hasn’t done anything because I think people must think, ‘Oh my God, she looks old’.”

Let me see if I understand this correctly…

Elle Macpherson is worried that she looks old compared to Mischa Barton and Sara Paxton.

Mischa Barton is 23 years old. Sara Paxton is 21. Elle Macpherson is 46 — twice Ms. Barton’s age.

Here’s a breakthrough thought, Elle: If you’re chronologically qualified to be someone’s mother, it’s okay if you look older than that person. For a 46-year-old woman — which you are — you look just fine. Quit worrying, already.

This illustrates the stupidity of Western culture’s perceptions of beauty. A 46-year-old woman should not think she should look like a 23-year-old. Or a 21-year-old. Or anything other than a 46-year-old. Because it should be okay for each of us to be what we are, and not what someone  half our age is, or what we ourselves used to be two decades ago.

This also illustrates one reason why plastic surgeons and pharmaceutical companies are rich, and half the people in Hollywood look like circus freaks.

Embrace the real, people.

When I’m Elle Macpherson’s age, I hope I look as good as she does.

Hmm? I’m what?

Never mind.

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4 Comments on “From the Get Over It Department, Supermodel Division”

  1. Hilly Says:

    It makes me sad that she’s not strong enough to be proud of her natural beauty rather than defending her decision not to have any plastic surgery. I mean jeez, if all she is going to do is talk about this then maybe she should just get the work done and stop whining.


    • SwanShadow Says:

      Hilly: Ironic, isn’t it? Here’s a woman who has pretty much represented the cultural standard of beauty for a quarter-century, and proudly has done it without surgical intervention, who’s being subtly wooed to the dark side.

      I hate that our world does that to people.

      I hate whining, too.

  2. Donna Says:

    Um, let me see. Last time I checked you had already reached Elle MacPherson’s age…and surpassed it at that. Before you fire back at me, I know I’ve already surpassed it too. Love you Uncle Swan!

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