Talk Like a Pirate Day, it be!

Avast there, me bucko! Wandered into shark-infested waters here, ye have…

That’s because today, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day be September 19!

Fer those of ye who ain’t up to snuff on yer piratin’ lore, International Talk Like a Pirate Day was plotted out many hurricane seasons ago by a coupl’a salty bilge-rats callin’ themselves Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. (Their real names be Mark Summers an’ John Baur… but let’s be leavin’ that information in the ol’ treasure chest.) It be a special time to get in touch with yer inner buccaneer, and let the scurvy swashbuckler out!

Yer ol’ pal Cap’n Swan ain’t much fer holidays, but he’s got ‘im a soft place in his furbelows for Talk Like a Pirate Day. So if ye be droppin’ by Casa de Swan today, ye best prepared to get yer pirate on… or ye’ll be walkin’ the plank at the point o’ me cutlass!

All together now, ye lice-infested swabbies and lusty wenches…


Feels pretty good, don’t it?

Last year, when Talk Like a Pirate Day fell on Comic Art Friday, Cap’n Swan ran a special feature up the yardarm, considerin’ which o’ his favorite superheroes and superheroines might enjoy theirselves most on this auspicious occasion. Some mighty fine pictures in this one, so ye might be wantin’ to sail yerself over to the SSTOL archives an’ reminisce.

Now, off with ye! Cap’n Swan’s got himself some timbers to shiver. If ye don’t want to run afoul of the Shadowy Legend of the Seven Seas — as Cap’n Swan be known far and wide in the piratin’ community — ye had best be slingin’ the lingo like a privateer from the Caribee all day today!

Don’t say ye ain’t been warned, me hearties. Dead men tell no tales!

(By the way, Ol’ Chumbucket be a Jeopardy! veteran, just like Cap’n Swan here. Let it be known, though, that Cap’n Swan actually pirated a mess o’ doubloons from the S.S. Trebekathon, while Ol’ Chumbucket had to content his scalawaggedness with a steamer trunk full o’ lovely partin’ gifts. )

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  1. Bruce England Says:

    Dave Barry posted this.

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