Demonstrably me

I usually restrict my yammering about my nascent career as a voice actor to my blog specifically devoted to that purpose. However, if you haven’t yet had occasion to check out my latest commercial demo recording… well, you should, darn it.

Here’s a video culled from the actual recording session:

You can listen to the finished audio by following this link. There’s a nice, tidy one-minute version, and a longer, meatier two-minute version if you just can’t get enough of the sound of me trying to sell stuff.

Okay, now you can go back to reading my usual mindless blather.

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3 Comments on “Demonstrably me”

  1. Sank Says:

    Wow, the voice, the images it’s like we’ve finally met, only different.

    Nicely done Sir. You sound fantastic.

  2. Donna Says:

    Not only do I get to read you. Now I got to hear you and see you in action! Who’s the lucky woman who got to give you a hug? I’m envious!

  3. This was really quite cool to watch and listen to. Nice to put a face and (what a) voice to a very nice guy. Thanks for sharing!

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