Comic Art Friday: Beware all enterprises that require new clothes

So, yeah, I’m a little bit bummed that NBC didn’t pick up David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot as a series.

Adrianne Palicki, erstwhile Wonder Woman

As a WW fanatic of some 40 years’ seniority, I’d welcome any chance to see my favorite Amazon back on the airwaves. I thought Kelley’s concept — what I heard and saw of it, anyway — looked interesting, and Adrianne Palicki was a decent, if not perfect, casting choice for the title role.

But it was not to be.

Much of the buzz around the Kelley version of Wonder Woman revolved around the heroine’s redesigned costume. This conversation followed closely on the heels of the revamping of Diana’s classic togs that recently began appearing in her monthly comic book.

Why is it that when it comes to women, we always end up talking about clothes?

Wonder Woman alternate costume, pencils, inks, and design by Oliver Nome

Two months ago at WonderCon (no relation), artist Oliver Nome was displaying a series of concept drawings he’d developed featuring alternative costumes for everyone’s favorite Amazon. I liked this one so much that I purchased it from Oliver.

It’s a nice riff on the classic design — especially the eagle bustier — with a slick, armor-like twist. I’m not sure why a heroine boasting Diana’s powers needs a spear, but it sure looks cool, doesn’t it?

Then again, as this dazzling drawing by Diego Bernard reminds us…

Wonder Woman, pencils by comics artist Diego Bernard

It’s tough to improve on perfection.

And that’s your Comic Art Friday.

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